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Within monthly services, there are three types of models, from which clients can choose one or a combination of three models depending on their needs.

In addition, NATIVE Consulting can tailor monthly services to your requirements and the needs of your organization in the field of ISO standards in the area of information technology, environment, energy efficiency, occupational safety and health, food safety, quality and sustainable development.

Bussiness Continuity Officer

  • Ensures the establishment, implementation and maintenance of a business continuity program in accordance with the Business Continuity Policy,
  • Ensures compliance with all requirements of ISO 22301,
  • Reports top management on the performance of the business continuity program, including recommendations for improvement,
  • Provides awareness raising within the company about the importance of business continuity programs,
  • Provides readiness for the implementation of business continuity plans,
  • Maintains and tests business continuity plans,
  • Ensures the effectiveness of procedures developed in response to an incident;
  • Helps in Business Impact Assessment, preparation of questionnaires, submission of questionnaires, receipt of data, data processing, creation
  • Reports on business impact, management of BCM strategy and planning and implementation of BC plans.

Information Security Officer

  • Ensures that the establishment of an ISMS (Information Security Management System) and security controls are implemented and maintained;
  • Monitoring compliance with the requirements of ISO / IEC 27001, helping to maintain compliance with the requirements of ISO / IEC 27001;
  • Reporting to top management on performance and enhancement opportunities within ISMS and company security controls;
  • Ensuring awareness within the company of the importance of information security;
  • Maintain appropriate contacts with special interest groups or other professionals, security forums and professional associations;
  • Organizing an assessment to assess the organization’s compliance and technical compliance with ISO / IEC 27001;
  • Conducting risk assessment, creating risk assessment reports;
  • Creating a risk management plan and supervising the implementation of the plan.


  • Applies, maintains and coordinates the management system in accordance with the implemented ISO standard (s);
  • Ensures that all requirements for the introduced management system (one or more of them) are in accordance with international ISO standard (s);
  • Control the compliance of the organization’s process with the defined and documented management system(s) according to the requirements of the relevant ISO standard(s);
  • Recommends the application of general laws and regulations in the field of implemented international standard;
  • Organizes the monitoring of the management system;
  • Suggests and assists in the implementation of improvement measures within the management system;
  • Plans, organizes and conducts internal audits of implemented management system(s)
  • Prepares material and participates in management review;
  • Cooperates with certification bodies;
  • Participates in raising awareness within the organization regarding the implementation of management systems and compliance with the requirements of international standards (training, workshops, newsletter);
  • Reports top management on the implementation and results of the management system(s) implemented.