internal audit

Conducting internal audits through the first and second parties

Internal Audit

Native consulting performs services of Internal Audit for organizations of all activities and sizes within consulting services, but also as an independent activity at the client’s request.

Native consulting also performs second party audits (subcontractors, suppliers) on client’s request.

Our consultants are trained internal and external auditors with years of experience in conducting audits. with years of experience in conducting audits.


The basis for conducting internal audit is the standards by which certification is carried out.

Native consulting carries out internal audits in accordance with the recommendations for conducting the audits given in ISO 19011, Guidance for the verification of the management system.

The internal audit covers the following activities:

  • Internal audit planning – development of a detailed audit plan by process or organizational unit, specifying the requirement of the standards to be audited, as well as the timing of the internal audit
  • Preparation for conducting an internal audit – getting acquainted with the organization’s work processes, documented information, internal documents
  • Conducting an internal audit – on-site verification, review of documented information by random sample, gathering objective evidence, interviews
  • Reporting the results of internal audit and making recommendations for improving the management system – preparation of reports from internal audit
  • Defining non-compliance and assisting in defining corrective action