IT Audit Readiness

Being Audit Ready means managing IT risks, dealing with security, controls and compliance, and doing the necessary work to avoid the unpleasant surprises in your IT Audit report. Everything is in place for verifiers to come and do their part.

The idea of achieving and maintaining an IT Audit readiness may seem impossible, but there are processes that need to be put in place so that your IT department can successfully maintain well-documented and well-managed controls – while minimizing negative audit findings. Like most business functions, finding the right technology and people to get ready for your upcoming vetting is crucial.


IT Audit Readiness

If you are in the process of preparing for an external audit, this means that the certification company will perform a formal written review of the key components of the organization. If the results of the audit have already been obtained, it is the right time to review, devise and implement plans to improve and implement corrective action.

Performing an IT system check is one of the best ways to evaluate the effectiveness of controls to ensure that critical components are well covered by appropriate controls.

IT Auditors do their job by interviewing, observing potential vulnerabilities, operating system access, analyzing historical data, physical access to systems, automated processes, reviewing document information, and the like.

Because technology advances are constant, you need to keep in mind that IT Audit is not a one-off task, but a constant effort to improve your IT system. This involves the continuous monitoring, measurement of the controls identified, and the risks identified.

NATIVE Consulting is your solution to help you conduct your IT Audit, or to prepare for your upcoming external audit. We can also assist you in refining your controls and correcting any deficiencies discovered during the verification process.