Management and business consulting

What we Do Best

 Consulting services in the field of business management, as well as services for the advancement of chosen areas of business.

Management and business consulting

Through Management and business consulting we help organizations and individuals improve their performance. The success of our services primarily depends on well aimed and thorough analysis of existing organizational challenges and actionable improvement plans.

NATIVE Consulting can create a tailor-made solution that is best for your company and specific situation.

In the area of business development, our focus is on SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) as well as on their management. They understand the need for professional assistance in various areas of business and management consulting. For our part, we invest our knowledge, time and passion in creating long-term values for them.

Our goal is to bring the individual, specific sector, or the entire organization to the desired level of performance. Our recommendations always apply to specific areas of business, applying a step-by-step solution.



Advising in the field of design or improvement of a business plan, setting short- and long-term goals and strategies, suggesting operating models in order to accomplish business tasks.


Advising Client who is planning to start or has already stared a business, in the following areas: business plan, strategy, financing, management, marketing, operation planning, organization, business processes, SWOT analysis, staffing, reporting, IT, pricing policy, key performance indicators, competition analysis.


Performing the tasks of managing a specific function, Project management, or managing overall business for a certain period of time by providing external human resources and their expertise in order to achieve specific goals


The process of gathering, processing and analyzing information in order to identify problems and advantages of the client, as well as recommendations for improvement/changes in a part of the company or the overall business. Business analysis (DUE DILIGENCE) in the economic and legal segment in order to prepare information for buying/selling a company. Comprehensive business assessment in order to determine total capital and evaluate commercial potential.


We collect, process and analyze available information in order to identify and design the optimal business process model. We manage the project of business process changes, resulting in elevating the organization to desired level.


A wide range of activities and actions related to the product development process, from market research, determining product characteristics to meet end-user needs, packaging design, compliance with regulations, as well as post-launch analysis of product performance in the market. These activities result in a new product or new feature with the goal of creating added value for company.

Business Downtime Quantification

Assessment of the impact of business downtime on the client’s business results, productivity, costs, as well as the impact on the projected results.



An analytical technique that defines the difference (deviation) between the existing and desired state of a particular process or the entire enterprise.